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Bob Cagle CEO productOps
  • co-founder CEO Bob Cagle

  • Bob thinks better near a whiteboard, is a wizard with Excel, and believes there is an entrepreneur in everyone. He also believes it's better to ship nine out of ten features on time than ten out of ten a day late.

Bob Cagle CEO productOps
  • co-founder CTO Dean Pfutzenreuter

  • For over two decades, Dean has delivered software products large and small for desktop computers, internet infrastructure, mobile devices, and the web. He is known for his unflappability, his iron determination to ship the product, and his easygoing nature

Bob Cagle CEO productOps
  • VP Marketing & Strategy Frank Humphries

  • Frank joined productOps in 2008 with over 20 years of enterprise management experience at companies ranging from HP to a boutique financial services management firm. His patience, persistent approach, and thoughtful analysis prove extremely valuable in helping clients with strategy.

Bob Cagle CEO productOps
  • VP Product Delivery Paul Iverson

  • For over two decades, Paul has brought his intellect and determination to bear on complex software projects large and small. Working as a change agent inside Bell Labs, AT&T, and Alcatel-Lucent, he helped push these organizations to embrace leaner, more efficient development processes. Paul holds an M.S. in Computer Science and a Ph.D. in Mathematics.


We build custom apps and technology to meet the needs of you and your customers
01 Strategy
  • Ongoing change requires clarity on the definition of success. Getting there requires a strategy that considers business objectives, team talent, and market expectations. Our discovery engagements invest energy and time necessary to paint the target and build the plan. Learn More

02 Technology
  • Sustainable businesses must have a delivery platform that serves their customers with a roadmap of applications. Market expectations of design and software features are not only about suitability for purpose but held to standards of technology market leaders.

03 Transformation
  • Change is hard. Although we have deep experience in the skills and talents necessary to build for the future, we make our biggest impact through relationships. Organizations will always have hurdles and roadblocks that must be dealt with, but considering and developing the people in the system always has the highest benefit.


Transforming organizations through strategy, technology and custom software solutions

SELECT partners

We partner with top technology providers to deliver real value
  • Unleash the power of deep learning computer vision - alwaysAI provides developers a simple and easy-to-use platform for building and deploying deep learning computer vision applications on embedded devices. alwaysAI provides pre-trained models, a development virtual machine and simple APIs to help you quickly enable core CV services like object detection, classification, tracking, counting and facial recognition.

  • We're proud to be an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner - We've done some truly amazing things on the AWS platform. From data engineering and visualization to machine learning and AI. We've been at it since the inception of AWS and our people hold a combined 40 plus certifications and counting and have years of experience in building world class solutions for a diverse set of clients.

  • Build Transformative Applications - We use VANTIQ's Event-Driven Architecture to quickly build applications that use advanced technologies such as machine learning, object recognition, IoT, and edge computing to track and respond to everything moving in and around your business in real time. With VANTIQ we can provide better value faster. And that's what productOps is all about.



If you don't see a position listed here that interests you, feel free to contact us or send your resume directly to We are always interested in speaking with quality candidates in development, design and product management.