productOps Capabilities

By Steve Yatson, and Jacob Moss on 03 Jan 2021

Broad Experience. Deep Expertise.

For over 30 years we have worked with a broad spectrum of organizations in the higher education, publishing, financial, aeronautics, transportation, leisure, energy sectors and more. By working with a diverse range of clients, we are able to leverage knowledge across multiple industries to improve data processes for every client. We give our clients of all sizes enterprise scale data analytics tools customized that meet their specific needs.

Strategy. Implementation. Insight.
We start by defining our clients’ challenges and devising strategies to address them. From there we deliver custom data platforms that are built on a foundation of proprietary assets that greatly reduce the time and cost of deployment. We provide full client lifecycle support from initial concept and strategy determination to platform inquiry training and through to data-driven cultural transformation. Learn More

Minimize Risk With Agile
The primary cause of project failure is building too much too fast. As agile experts, we break down your project into manageable chunks and deliver value with every iteration to ensure that your overall investment isn’t squandered.

Data-Driven Decision Making
Our custom tools and scalable data systems organize disparate streams of data which facilitate analytics, transparency, control, automation, improved business operations, and more. The result is data that is easy to absorb, disseminate, and use to make informed decisions. Read the White Paper

Landscape view of the productOps data platform
An introduction to productOps

UNSPSC Classifications

43231500 Business function specific software
43231600 Finance accounting and enterprise resource planning ERP software
43232300 Data management and query software
43232700 Network applications software
43232800 Network management software
43233200 Security and protection software
80101500 Business and corporate management consultation
80101600 Project management
81111500 Software or hardware engineering
81111600 Computer programmers
81111700 Management information systems MIS
81111800 System and system component administration services
81111900 Information retrieval systems
81112000 Data services
81112100 Internet services
81112200 Software maintenance and support

Our Successes

California Community Colleges (CCC) is the nation’s largest higher education institution with 116 colleges and 2.1M students. The Chancellor’s Office needed a way to operationalize their data in order to more effectively correlate with student outcomes the $3B in grant funds they administer annually and to facilitate programmatic improvements through the use of data-driven decision making. NOVA, the resulting platform, has increased transparency, efficiency, and accountability; is intuitive to operate; and has resulted in better utilization of resources and enhanced data management system wide.

I always know they will create what is needed, not just what I ask for.

Rock Pfotenhauer, California Community Colleges

Ithaka / JSTOR platform delivers academic journal articles and primary sources from over 1,000 publishers to 6M unique monthly visitors worldwide. The seasonal nature of their business meant that Ithaka needed a platform that could provide cost-effective scalability and an internal team that could manage it. We built a custom platform for them on AWS and migrated their service over the course of three years with no interruptions of service. We also helped them build an internal software development culture expert in agile methods and constant innovation. In the end, the only thing users noticed was improved response times.

productOps is absolutely committed to our mutual success.

Dale Myers, CTO Ithaka

Real Good Fish is a fresh seafood subscription service for community and home delivery. As they expanded into more regions and increased their product and subscription offerings, they began to bump up against the limitations of their platform. Their existing technology systems created silos of information and allowed for little customization. After operational upgrades and implementation of our custom data platform, Real Good Fish is now able to provide personalized services to each customer and can predictively source products based on anticipated customer demand.

We’re so grateful for the opportunity to work with productOps. They are quick to understand our business and opportunities, and to create solutions that will have a lasting impact.

Jenn Lovewell, Founder Real Good Fish


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