New Tech Network Brings Project-Based Remote Learning To Public Schools

By Steve Yatson on 31 January 2019

New Tech Network (NTN), a national non-profit organization founded in Napa, California, is changing the face of education across the U.S. Its mission is to transform public schools into innovative learning environments by providing relevant and captivating learning experiences. The ultimate goal is to prepare students, often from under-resourced schools, for college and careers. It does this with project-based learning at its core.

As the nation faces widespread school closures, NTN is predominately a virtual organization and are well-positioned to continue to assist students and teachers. They already use distance collaboration and utilize multiple platforms to manage projects, streamline communication and foster staff community.

The documentary below shows how the NTN School model, after first proving its effectiveness in California, was planted in an underserved rural region of South Carolina improving the competency and preparedness of its students.

Graduation and college entrance rates of schools served by NTN programs are consistently higher than the national average despite the diverse socio-economic demographics.

ProductOps is proud to have played a part in the success of New Tech Network. We partnered with NTN at a critical juncture when they needed our expertise and support in such areas as data migration and plugin development, making their effort to switch Learning Management System (LMS) platforms from an outdated, unsupported application to their next-generation LMS for project-based learning and multi-outcome scoring a great success.

Working with productOps exceeded every hope we had for the partnership. From strategic contributions to strong project management and meeting every deadline, the entire experience was outstanding.

Lydia Dobyns, president and CEO, New Tech Network.

We're excited to follow the success of NTN as it extends across the U.S. and Australia, supporting the public school districts that need it most.


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